NAVODAYA VIDYALAYA SAMITI , Hyderabad Region , An Autonomous Organisation Under Ministry Of H R D , Dept. Of School Education & Literacy, Govt.Of India


a) LITERARY  CLUB   -     Mr. Sabu Jose, PGT (English)

                                            Mr. Mohamed Rashid Khan TGT (English)

                                            Mr. Girish, TGT (Eng)

o       Display of self composed poems and stories etc.

o       Elocutions

o       Debates

o       Essay Writing Competition

o       Extempore

o       Poem Recitation

o       Dumbsherads

o       Word Power

o       Calligraphy

o       Quiz

o       Cross word Puzzles

o       Storey telling and writing

o       Writing Captions

o       Writing Rhymed Quatrains

o       Making Advertisements



   b)      HINDI  CLUB

    Mr. Baswaraj Randive, PGT (Hindi)

       Mr. Ganapati N Bhatt TGT (Hindi)

                  Mr. Ajaykumar, TGT (Hindi)

o       Celebration of International World Environmental Day

o       Celebration of Hindi Fortnight

o       Hindi Katha Lekhan

o       Hindi Kavitha Lekhan

o       Nibandh Lekhan




                                            - Mr. C.G. Challal, TGT (Kan)

- Mr. R.B Gote TGT(Kan)

o       Vachan Gayana & Opening of Kannada Club

o       Praband Lekhan, Charcha Saparde

o       Halegannada Kavya Vachan, Calligraphy

o       Inter high school Bhavageethe Sparde (Taluka Level)

o       Rasprashne (Quiz)

o       Kathe Heluvdu, Speaking in Pure Kannada

d)      MATHEMATICS  CLUB  -       Mrs. Vijayalakshmi B. TGT (Maths)

                                                 Mr. Vijayapal Singh Saini. TGT (Maths)

o       Coaching for Maths Olympiad and other competitive exams.

o       Mathematical Clinic

o       Mathematical diagnostic Corner

o       Mathematics Exhibition

o       Practice on Vedic Mathematics

o       Display of some information relating to mathematics, puzzles etc on the

          Mathematics Bulletin board.

o       Preparation of exhibits for Exhibition.

o       NTSE coaching for Class X Students

o       Memory testing quiz competition monthly.

o       Mathematics race competition for Junior and Senior Students



e)      SCIENCE  CLUB              - Mrs. Maya Hegde, PGT (Bio)

                                                       - Mrs.Anbu Santana Mari PGT (Physics)

                                                       - Ms. Sarita Mol, PGT Chemistry

                                                       - Mr. Shoba Dwivedi, TGT (Science)


o       Preparation of transparencies, models, exhibits etc.

o       Conducting exhibitions, tours and visit the various agricultural farm houses

          and factories.

o       Celebration of Science day.

o       Collection of specimens

o       Junior Laboratory

o       Maintenance of school laboratory




    -Mrs. U. S. Bellary, PGT (Geo)

                  - Mr. R.G Deshpande, TGT (Soc.Sci)

o       Inauguration of Social Studies Club

o       Organizing Social Science Exhibitions

o       Collection of Articles related to current affairs

o       Dramas on Historical themes

o       A Short Visit to nearby historical sites

o       Youth Parliament

o       Social Quiz

o       Slogan writing on the preservation of heritage

o       Inviting the local artisans to impart the skills

o       Clinical Lab for week students in social science



g)      SPORTS  CLUB                     - Mr. M S Angadi  , PET (Male)

                                                    - Mrs.Prema S. M, PET (Female)


o       Arranging friendly and inter-house matches in various sports events.

o       Friendly matches between staff and children.

o       Preparation of Play ground in connection with sports and athletics meet.

o       Coaching for physical display, march past etc during Independence day,

          Republic day and Sports meet.

o       Training for Vidyalaya Band team.

o       Conducting the National Physical fitness test (to identify the stars.)

o       Intensive coaching to the selected students (players in connection with local sports, rural and NVS sports.)

o       Gymnastic (Floor exercises) and Pyramids

o       To purchase more non consumable equipments to Vidyalaya and fixing the parallel bar.

o       Introduction of light apparatus exercises for all classes.

o       Sports club activities like quiz, organizing the function, inter house

          competitions will be conducted as per plan.

 h)      COMPUTER  CLUB                Ms. Shweta. K - FCSA

o    Conducting the exhibition of students/teachers project work

o    Conducting class wise project competitions

o    Quiz for teachers/ students

o    Computerizing the students magazines and other students records by the students



 i)        ART  CLUB                          - Mr. VeerRaghavan Art Teacher


o             Art Competitions

                i) General         ii) Specific Subjects      iii) Interschool

o             Beautification of academic block, mess and campus

o             Preparation of teaching Aids Physical and computer aided with audio

               visuals and animations



j)        MUSIC  CLUB            - Mr. Hemlu Pawar, Music Teacher


o       Conducting of various music Activities Competition-Folk dance, Patrotic

 Song, Mono acting, Fancy-dress, Solo song, Group dance, Devotional

 Song, mime, Mimicry, Musical instruments playing

Training the children’s to present Cultural show on the eve of various  National Festivals and other cultural activities.

Conducting competitions on various occasions.

Classical Music

Tribal Songs

 Preparing a group of children the Doddata-tribal cultural dance

Inter school competition –Group song encouraging the students to participate in the various competitions.

Encouraging the students to participate in the various competitions.

Participating in the mono acting competition at school level.

Participation in pace setting activities.




Health Club – Activities: for the year 2017-18

 Club Members:

Shri. Rami Reddy  Principal

Shri M Chellappa, Vice Principal

Smt. Sandhya S. Jawade Staff Nurse




Timing Activity

05.30 am





9.00am Visit to Academic Block, Ground while morning PT time. Attending Patients

Attending morning assembly and Treatment to be given for sick students.

Food test for breakfast before taking children.

Treatment to be given for sick students after breakfast. And submission of sick report  to the Principal .

11.30am to 12.00pm Sick children to be reported again to Dispensary for taking medicines.

11.00am to 12.00pm Maintaining Record Work and submission of food test report  to the Principal

12.00pm  to 1.00 pm Visiting all respective dormitories, Dining Hall for checking cleanliness and report submitting to Principal.

01.15pm Food testing for lunch.

02:00 pm to 3.00pm   Medicine Giving to Sick Students.

04:00 pm Evening snacks testing.

04.30pm to  06:30pm Attending sick students while playing time and treatment to be given and report submitted to the Principal.

07:45 pm to 8.45 pm Dinner – Food Testing, visiting mess for checking cleanliness and advised to be given to mess workers about personal hygiene, maintenance of cleanliness of mess, surroundings and all areas related to mess.

8.45 to 9.30 pm Medicine giving to Sick Students.

Doctor’s visit to Vidyalaya:

A doctor from  CHC Hangal (Govt Hospital)is  visiting Vidyalaya Every Day for Two Hours.

Growth Particulars of children

Measuring height, weight, chest normal and expand, hip width, mid arm circumference twice in a year (1st term and 2nd term).

Monthly menstruation cycle for all matured Girls (after puberty) in every month and report to be submitted to Principal.

Sanitary Napkins issue to all matured girls in every month.

Maintained health books for all students (each child separately)

Medical report to be submitted to staff Nurse of a child to those who are going to home for further treatment.

Fort nightly health check for mess workers by vidyalaya doctor.



 l) NCC & SCOUTS  &  GUIDES               - Mr. H.N. Pawar  , Music Teacher

                                                                         - Mrs. Prema S.M, PET (Female)


Duties: 1) Forming the scouts and guides troop in the school.

        2) Conducting related programs every week.

        3) Giving training to students on scouts and guides.

        4) Preparing the scout and guide members for appearing Pravesh test, Pratham

 sopan, dvitiya sopan, tritiya sopan, Rajya puraskar, Rastrapati   puraskara etc.

                   O   Clean India programme

Scout & Guide Parade

Celebrations of Birthday of Mr. Baden Powel

One day camp for scouts & Guides

Weekly scout activities

Adventure programme in nearer hills

Camp Fire in December

Celeberation of Flag day

As a part of pace setting activity –taking up the work of

Educating girl child in a particular village










ph: 9-263075 , FAX: 08379-262398

 E-mail : jnvhaveri2000[at]gmail[dot]com

NAVODAYA VIDYALAYA SAMITI , Hyderabad Region , An Autonomous Organisation Under Ministry Of H R D , Dept. Of School Education & Literacy, Govt.Of India
NAVODAYA VIDYALAYA SAMITI , Hyderabad Region , An Autonomous Organisation Under Ministry Of H R D , Dept. Of School Education & Literacy, Govt.Of India
NAVODAYA VIDYALAYA SAMITI , Hyderabad Region , An Autonomous Organisation Under Ministry Of H R D , Dept. Of School Education & Literacy, Govt.Of India
NAVODAYA VIDYALAYA SAMITI , Hyderabad Region , An Autonomous Organisation Under Ministry Of H R D , Dept. Of School Education & Literacy, Govt.Of India
NAVODAYA VIDYALAYA SAMITI , Hyderabad Region , An Autonomous Organisation Under Ministry Of H R D , Dept. Of School Education & Literacy, Govt.Of India