The Vidyalaya started on Ist December 2000 in a temporary site at Sri Kumareswar Virakta math Hangal Taluka place. The Vidyalaya shifted to the permanent building in December of 2004 and was inaugurated on 24th of October 2005.

Inauguration of Permanent Building at Maharajpet by Hon'ble Minister for Central Planning and Development Sri. M.V. Rajshekharan, Swamiji and Hon'ble Member of Parliament affairs, and Joint Commissioner, NVS, New Delhi. Sh. Manjunath Kunnur

Planting of more than 1000 saplings in the new campus. 

A sum of Rs.2.5 lakh was sanctioned from the Hon'ble Minister, RDPR  Shri. C M Udasi for the construction of the bus shelter and the approach road and the same was inaugurated by him. 

Conducted Principals Conference for All schools under Hyderabad Region.
v  Rs. 30,000 was contributed from PTC, which was used for installing Audio system in Dining hall, Gas Gieser in mess. 

One LCD lamp worth Rs.39, 000/- was purchased from the PTC Fund. The LCD is utilized for teaching-learning purpose in the classroom for effective teaching.

The PTC gave its valuable contribution in the construction of safety doors for House Masters' Quarters, Dish antenna for girls, conveyance charge for the Vidyalaya doctor and scavenger for cleaning toilets.  

Hon’ble MP Dharwad South, Shri. Manjunath Kunnur donated Rs.10 lakh from the MP LADS fund for the purchase of the computers. 

At present, Vidyalaya is having 64 computers and every department with a computer. There is plan to install a computer in class XII for the effective teaching. 

Morarji Desai Residential School Hallibail (Hangal) has been selected under the Programme of "Twinning of JNVs with neighbourhood schools". School's Principal, teachers and students had visited our Vidyalaya to enhance the academic atmosphere and Lab oriented activities in their School. 

Migration students from Chattisgarh had visitedMundagod and other historical places. 

B.K Hemanth, ex-student of JNV Dharwad, presently pursuing his M.Tech, visited the Vidyalaya and met class XI and XII students and extended his helping hand in choosing future career. 

Rajeev Gandhi Smrithivan: Under the scheme, 500 mango saplings were planted this year with the help of the Kargudari Village Panchayat. 

Computer Literacy Programme: Neighbourhood Vidyalayas were given opportunity to send their students for the CLP in the month of April and May 2008. Students were given Tiffin's and other learning materials. 

Academic Activities: Results of 2009 AISSE brought name and fame to the Institution. Vidyalaya stood Second in Karnataka state and seventh in the Hyderabad Region among 70 Vidyalayas. Our Vidyalaya proved to have 100 Marks in Maths which is rare distinction and honour.

Results of 2010 AISSE brought name and fame to the Institution. Vidyalaya stood Second in Hyderabad Region among 70 Vidyalayas.  

Rs 3 lakh sanctioned for multy gym room by Honbl,e MP.Dhawad south Shri Manjunath Kunnur. Multy Gym installed in the vidyalaya 

Rs1.5 lakh sanctioned by– Shri. Salim Ahmad M.L.C for R.O.Plant.and installed the R.O.Plant 

Rs40000Contributed by  P.T.C fo the purchase of Drama light 

The first  batch of class XII students sponsored for the construction of SHIVA statue infront of the Academic building 

The second batch of class XII students Financed the construction of the roofing and safety wall for R.O.Plant 

Third batch (2008-09)of class XII  students Financed for the construction of Multi purpose shed near the ground 

Shri Saleem Ahmed ,M.L.C donated Rs 2 lakh for the solar water heating system for junior girls 

Late Shri. Seeta Ram Shastri Prof. of Physics Principal A.V.K. College Davanagere has donated nearly 500 valuable books to Vidyalaya library.

Gym Hall is constructed with the help of MP lad fund of Rs. 3.45 Lakhs. 

Shri C.M.Udasi, Hon’ble Minister PWD donated Rs 2 lakh for the solar water heating system for junior boys 

The PTC gave its valuable contribution to the construction of a dhobi shed near the play ground that can be used during the parents’ day also.  

Two rooms were built in the available space infront of the art room with the generous contribution from the P.T.C and they are being used as junior science lab & music room.

Rajiv Gandhi smriti van was developed with the financial help of P.T.C and a Rajiv Gandhi bust was installed there.

Construction Multipurpose Hall with M.P Lad fund is under process. 

Digging bore well and laying pipeline for bringing good Drinking water from nearby village at the cost of 8.99 Lakhs is completed